When Selling Your Home 

First impressions are lasting - An inviting exterior insures inspection of the interior/ Keep your lawn trimmed and edges - the flower beds cultivated - the yard free and clear of refuse. Remove snow and ice from the walks and veranda in the winter time.


A decorated home - a step toward a sale - Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce desire. Do not tell the prospect how the place can be made to look - show him by redecorating first. A quicker sale at a higher price will result.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness -  Bright cherry windows and unmarred walls will assist your sale.


Fix that faucet -  Dripping water discolors the enamel and calls attention to faulty plumbing.


From top to bottom -  The attic and basement are important features. Remove all unnecessary articles which have accumulated. Display the full value of your full storage and utility spaces.


Step high-step low -  Prospects will do just that unless all stairways are cleared of objects. Avoid cluttered appearances and possible injuries.


Closet illusions -  Clothes properly hung, shoes, hats and other articles neatly placed, will make your closets appear adequate.


Dear to her heart is the kitchen -  colorful curtains in harmony with the floor and counter tops (clear of soiled dishes) add appeal for the lady of the house.


Check and double check - Check and double check your bathroom. Bright and clean bathrooms sell many homes.


For the rest of your life -  Bedrooms are always outstanding features. Arrange them neatly.


Can you see the light? - Illumination is a welcome sign for after-dark inspection


Don't over price -  Your home should not be priced any more then 5% higher then it's fair market value - go higher then this and you will ensure a faster sale... for someone else's home!

You just sold your home and a few days before the deal closes the phone rings.... its your lawyers secretary calling to inform you the buyers want you to provide a survey and location certificate and it could cost you over $1000.00! Who's responsible to provide it?  The owner of the home? The buyer? Most real estate lawyers would agree that the owner of the home should provide a good survey to their property and pass it along to the buyers as part of the Deed of Conveyance. The prudent real estate agent will get the issue of who's providing the survey and location certificate written right into the purchase and sale agreement to avoid surprises later on.

       Barry has been selling real estate since 1989 and would be pleased to answer any real estate questions you might have - If he can't answer it on the spot... He will check it out and get back to you promptly!

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